02 January

190 – The Christian Home

In this course, Pastor Custer teaches on the Christian home including the husband and wife relationship and the responsibilities of the parents to the children. This course has 16 lessons.

18 November

110 – Discipleship

Pastor Maki teaches the Biblical principles of discipleship. Every believer should be a disciple and every believer should make disciples. This course has 18 lessons and 4 quizzes.

10 November

120 – Spiritual Warfare

Pastor Smith teaches through 4 valuable series on spiritual warfare: 1. The Gates of Hell, 2. Facing, Accepting and Embracing Adversity, 3. It’s All in the Head, and 4. Closing Doors. This course has 22 lessons and 4 quizzes.

05 November

185 – Baptist History

In this course, Pastor Harbin teaches on the history of the Baptists, from the time of Jesus Christ established His church until the present day. This course has 12 lessons and 3 quizzes.

23 October

100 – Salvation

All of mankind is under the curse of death.  Death, the end of physical life, is common to every human being; and without Salvation all will suffer the second death- hell and the lake of fire. As Christians, we know about …

21 October

135 – New Testament Survey

In this course, Pastor Hoiseth surveys the books of the New Testament from a basic chronological approach, considering the historical and dispensational periods relating to each book. This course has 20 lessons and 5 quizzes.

20 October

145 – Life of Paul

In this course, Levi DeLange surveys the life of the Apostle Paul and his lasting legacy in Christian history. This course has 16 lessons and 4 quizzes.

18 October

105 – Personal Evangelism

In this course, Pastor Maki teaches the basics of how to go about leading a soul to Christ.  This class is a Bible-based, step by step guide to teach you the method and encourage you in the performing of the …