What's the difference between auditing a class and taking a class for credit?

Every student at Global Baptist Bible College (GBBC) will have the option to either audit a class or take a class for credit. 


Students who want to receive a 3-year "Bachelor of Biblical Studies" from GBBC must take classes for credit and are required to complete all the coursework for every class.


Students who audit classes are those who want to further their Bible knowledge or to help those they are discipling. They do not need to complete the coursework. They may watch the video lectures, but they will NOT receive credit for the class.

Which should you choose?

If you plan to get a 3-year “Bachelor of Biblical Studies” from GBBC, you will need to take each class for credit. However, if you do not plan to get a diploma from GBBC, but only want to watch the video lectures, then you may audit the class.

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