Year 1 - Certificate of Biblical Studies


Personal Evangelism


Bible Interpretation

Spiritual Warfare

Old Testament Survey 1

Old Testament Survey 2

New Testament Survey

Life of Christ

Life of Paul

Basic Bible Doctrine 1

Basic Bible Doctrine 2

Basic Bible Doctrine 3

Basic Bible Doctrine 4

Prayer and Fasting


History of the Bible

Baptist History

Christian Home

Year 2 - Associate of Biblical Studies

Pentateuch 1

Pentateuch 2

Pentateuch 3

Old Testament History 1

Old Testament History 2

Old Testament History 3

Poetical Books 1

Poetical Books 2

Major Prophets 1

Major Prophets 2

Minor Prophets

Gospels 1

Gospels 2


Pauline Church Epistles 1

Pauline Church Epistles 2

Pauline Pastoral Epistles


General Epistles


Year 3 - Bachelor of Biblical Studies

Biblical Worldview

Character & Ethics

Church History

Baptist Church Theology

Pastoral Theology


Cults/Comparative Religions

Missions 1 – Introduction and Indigenous Mission Principles

Missions 2 – Intercession

Missions 3 – Culture and Communication

Christian Counseling 1

Christian Counseling 2


Biblical Music

Character Studies

Commands of Christ 1

Commands of Christ 2

Faith and Finances

Pastors Class

Doctrinal Thesis/Interview


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